Viewhance is a browser extension that adds extra functionality to the browser's default image/media viewer. URL for sharing: https://tiny.cc/Viewhance
Install the latest version for
To install on Opera 12, download the extension file and drop it into the browser window.

In Opera 15+, the extension must be manually enabled in the Extension manager (Ctrl+Shift+E) after install.

Opera 12 12
Opera 15+ 15+
Safari 5.1+
You have to install it from source. Also it hasn't been tested for a while now, it might not even work.
MS Edge
You have to install it from source or use the Chrome version.
	+ Added feature
	* Improved/changed feature
	# Bug fixed


	Browsers (only the latest versions of each browser are fully supported)
		opr: Opera 12
		ffx: Firefox, SeaMonkey (possibly other Gecko based browsers)
		chr: Chrome (or other clones of Chromium, like Vivaldi, Opera 15+, Yandex Browser...)
		sfr: Safari
		mxt: Maxthon