Viewhance is a browser extension that adds extra functionality to the browser's default image/media viewer. URL for sharing: https://tiny.cc/Viewhance
Install the latest version for
The WebExtension version can be installed from AMO.
If you're looking for the legacy version, which could potentially run on PaleMoon, Waterfox or other Gecko based browsers, then check out the archive.
Install from Chrome Web Store the archvie.
Other browsers based on the Chromium platform, or follow the WebExtension API are also able to run this version, such as Opera 15+, Vivaldi, Edge...
To install on Opera 12, download the extension file and drop it into the browser window.

In Opera 15+, the extension must be manually enabled in the Extension manager (Ctrl+Shift+E) after install.

Opera 12 12 (oex)
Opera 15+ 15+ (crx)
Install from Maxthon Extension Center, or newer versions from the archive, because as it seems Maxthon doesn't really review extension updates anymore
Safari 5.1+
You have to install it from source. Note that it is built with the legacy platform, and Safari 12 is the last release to support legacy extensions.


	- Default sizing modes and switching between them via shortcuts or with mouse clicks
	- Custom CSS (background color for the page or media, hidden scrollbars...)
	- Custom information about the media in the tab title
	- Floating menu (mouse cursor over the top-left)
	- Mouse wheel zooming (off by default)
	- Centering content (default)
	- Rotate/Flip (via shortcuts or from the menu)
	- Sending the address of the media to different services (such as reverse image search)
	- Frame extraction for animated images (GIF, APNG, WEBP)
	- Handling SVG and data:URIs
	- Forced inlining (show media instead of download)
	- Native DASH, HLS, MSS streaming (if the browser can support it)
	- Customizable media attributes (autoplay, loop, controls, mute, volume)
	- Opening images from regular web-pages with right long-press or with shortcut (off by default)

Changelog Archive

	+ Added feature
	* Improved/changed feature
	# Bug fixed